What We Do

Research & Documentation

We conduct careful, on-the-ground investigations into the human rights consequences of climate change. We compile these findings into reports, press releases, briefing papers, letters, commentary, and analysis. 


We use our extensive contacts to take our findings and those of partner organizations to policymakers and decision-makers in governments, the U.N., companies, financial institutions, and others to press for change.


We expose climate-related human rights violations and harms to the public through high-impact media engagement on broadcast and print media, social media, and our own audio-visual productions.


We work in partnership with local communities, environmentalists, lawyers, journalists, climate activists, climate scientists, the tech industry, and others. Most importantly, we aim to ensure that those on the frontlines of climate change and environmental destruction are at the forefront of discussions and policymaking about solutions.

Justice & Accountability

We work for justice and accountability for communities and individuals harmed by climate change by documenting violations, identifying those responsible, and pushing for redress through advocacy, criminal prosecutions, and strategic litigation.

Changes in Policies & Practices

We advocate for changes in the policies and practices of governments, companies, and financial institutions that are directly and indirectly responsible for large-scale greenhouse gas emissions, the destruction of forests and other carbon sinks, and climate-related human rights violations.

Follow the Money

We “follow the money” by investigating supply chains and targeting investments by governments, companies, and financial institutions – including banks, asset managers, private equity investment groups, utilities, and insurance companies — that fail to curtail greenhouse gas emissions, contribute to rampant deforestation, or lead to abuses.

Call out subsidies & tax breaks

We document how subsidies and tax breaks for oil and gas, coal, cattle ranching, mining, forestry, and other industries lead to both climate change and human rights abuses, and advocate for the reduction or end of these counterproductive incentives.

Laws & Regulations

We provide technical expertise for new laws, regulations, and norms to limit climate change and the harms it causes to people and the environment.

Financial Pledges

We press wealthy countries to keep and increase their financial pledges – without adding to indebtedness of developing countries — for climate mitigation efforts, climate adaptation funds, and climate-related loss and damage.

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